Angelika Constam
Ch. de la Cure 7B
CH-1066 Epalinges
Tél: 021 784 07 58
E-mail: info@pilates-physio.ch

Angelika Constam, Dipl. PT, Pilates Instructor

Angelikas interest in body awareness and body strengthening developed during the years she trained as a competition swimmer, and later through her training at the School of Physiotherapy at the University Hospital of Zürich, where she also obtained her Physical Therapy diploma in 1994.

Between 1995 and 1997, Angelika specialized in the treatment of sports injuries and back pain as a PT at the AthletiCare Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation clinic of Exeter Hospital (NH), where she also regularly supervised PT students from different Universities in the Boston area.

In 1997, she joined the Boston VA Clinic, an affiliation of Harvard Medical School, where she continued to supervise PT students and was responsible of the Spine Clinic until 2000. After moving to Lausanne, Angelika became a member and invited lecturer of the PT Association of Suisse Romande, and in 2000 started her Physical Therapy practice in Epalinges. Ever since, she has regularly attended continuing education courses for the treatment of orthopedic injuries.

Angelika came in contact with the Pilates method through a class for Instructors. After experiencing the benefit of regular Pilates exercises, she decided to qualify as a Pilates Trainer. Since 2006, Angelika has been accredited in Mat, Small equipments, Reformer, Chair, and Spine Corrector by the UK-based Pilates Institute in Geneva. She now works independently as a Pilates Trainer in Epalinges. By combining the Pilates method with her Physical Therapy background, Angelika sees her clients' progress daily and helps them reach their individual goals.

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